Packaging Technologies Combatting Spoilage Of Fresh Produce
Anti Spoilage Packaging Solutions For Fresh And Lightly Processed Post Harvest Produce


    The presence of field heat in harvested produce is responsible for high respiration rates and metabolism, which result in the rapid spoilage of fruit and vegetables.

     It is therefore critical that field heat is removed immediately after harvest and prior to the application of ZOEPAC packaging or processing technologies.

     Post Harvest Solutions Ltd has designed postharvest protocols which describe best practice for the postharvest handling and management of a series of product commodities. They also serve as invaluable guidelines.

     Whereas these protocols are universally accepted and drawn from a wealth of experience, it is  always recommended that local trials are undertaken before placing a commercial order.

     The team at Post Harvest Solutions Ltd is at hand to provide technical and sales support.

ZOEPAC Packaging Technology

     ZOEPAC packaging technology has been tailored to meet the needs of individual products and packaging requirements. Please liaise with your local representative for more details.

ZOEPAC MA Processing Technology

     ZOEPAC processing technology is an innovative concept based on natural plant-based derivatives which serve as an alternative to postharvest fungicide.

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