Packaging Technologies Combatting Spoilage Of Fresh Produce
Anti Spoilage Packaging Solutions For Fresh And Lightly Processed Post Harvest Produce

We Protect Your Product

Our purpose is simple. We recognise the efforts which go into crop production and marketing and the threats to sustainable agriculture from increasing cost of inputs, adverse climatic conditions, and global competition.
We protect your product because post-harvest losses do not just signify a loss of retail value, but also a waste of valuable resources, a setback in client confidence, and missed sales opportunities.

We Offer:

Zoepac - Retail Packaging

MA Retail Packaging

Zoepac - Bulk Packaging

MA Bulk Packaging

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MA Bins Packaging

MA Bio-Hood Packaging

green onion

MA Vacuum Packaging

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MA Active Packaging

flowpack rols

MA Flowpack Packaging




About Us

Post Harvest Solutions Ltd specializes in the development of ZOEPAC packaging and processing technologies for the fresh produce and lightly processed sectors.


The presence of field heat in harvested produce is responsible for high respiration rates and metabolism, which result in the rapid spoilage of fruit and vegetables.
It is therefore critical that field heat is removed immediately after harvest and prior to the application of ZOEPAC packaging.

Worldwide Distribution

We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.