ZOEPAC Processing Technology

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Natural Alternative Fungicide

Spoilage organisms associated with produce are typically aerobic fungi or bacteria. They are living organisms, requiring air, water and nutrients to survive and grow. The conventional approach has been to adopt chemical control of spoilage organisms. This blanket approach is relatively effective, although many consumers are beginning to shun excess chemical loading on their food.

ZOEPAC processing technology has developed an effective and natural alternative fungicide range based on the sound application of crop science and food microbiology.

ZOEPAC Packaging Technology

ZOEPAC packaging technology has been tailored to meet the needs of individual products and packaging requirements. Please liaise with your local representative more details.

ZOEPAC Processing Technology

ZOEPAC processing technology is an innovative concept based on natural plant-based derivatives which serve as an alternative to postharvest fungicide. Please liaise with your local representative concerning more details.