There is packaging and there is ZOEPAC packaging. ZOEPAC packaging technology is not just a carrier or a means of transporting goods.

Carbon Footprint

The sustainability of Modified Atmosphere Packaging TechnologyThe carbon footprint associated with the production of ZOEPAC packaging is more than negated by the reduction of postharvest losses.

Most farm and supply chain inputs rely heavily on non-renewable resources. These include:

  • Energy and material utilised for the production and manufacture of agricultural equipment, i.e. irrigation, plastic mulch, poly-tunnels, etc.
  • Energy required to pump irrigation water
  • Energy required for land preparation and cultivation
  • The application of fertiliser and plant protection products
  • Energy required for product cooling and cold chain maintenance
  • Energy required for the transportation and shipping of goods

When an agricultural enterprise is considered in these terms, it is clear that postharvest losses are not confined to a loss of retail value, but a waste of valuable resources. The investment in ZOEPAC packaging technology, combined with sound postharvest handling and management practices, will ensure the waste of resources is minimised.

Sustainable Packaging

Post Harvest Solutions Ltd has also been moving its product range towards environmentally-friendly degradable and biodegradable packaging. Please contact us for more details.