Packaging Technologies Combatting Spoilage Of Fresh Produce
Anti Spoilage Packaging Solutions For Fresh And Lightly Processed Post Harvest Produce


There are two types of fruit in the world:

  • Non-climacteric (do not ripen after harvest)
  • Climacteric (ripen after harvest)

Non-climacteric products need to be harvested at optimum ripeness.

Climacteric products can be harvested between mature and full ripeness, and will go through four key changes:

  • Change in color
  • Change in texture
  • Change in sweetness
  • Change in aroma

Knowing how fruit behaves is critical in the design of ZOEPAC packaging technology.

Salad and Vegetables
Most salad and vegetable crops are harvested immature to mature and represent different parts of the plant, i.e. leaf, stem, head, etc.

Although most salad and vegetable products are not big producers of ethylene, they can be somewhat sensitive to its presence, therefore the
removal of ethylene from the enclosed environment is of vital importance.

Herbs are characterized by very low thermal mass and, despite not being known as big producers of ethylene, are very sensitive to its presence, so
moisture control and ethylene removal from the enclosed environment are essential factors for extending the life of herbs.