About Us

Post Harvest Solutions Ltd specialises in the development of ZOEPAC packaging and processing technologies for the fresh produce and lightly processed sectors.

Post Harvest Solutions Ltd caters for all your specific product and packaging needs.

We welcome and encourage you to discuss your specific needs with your local representative.

about Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology

ZOEPAC Packaging Technology

ZOEPAC packaging technology comprises of the following formats:

  • ZOEPAC Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • ZOEPAC Antimicrobial Packaging
  • ZOEPAC Active Packaging

ZOEPAC packaging technology provides optimum atmospheric regime, relative humidity and antimicrobial properties for the maximum preservation of product quality and condition.

ZOEPAC packaging technology is commercially distributed and sold in all of the major continents.

ZOEPAC Processing Technology

ZOEPAC processing technology comprises of the following format:

  • ZOEPAC Natural Alternative Fungicide

ZOEPAC processing technology provides an effective and natural alternative to postharvest fungicides.

ZOEPAC processing technology is under development.

ZOEPAC Consultancy

The team at Post Harvest Solutions Ltd provides technical support to clients. This support is not confined to the application of ZOEPAC packaging and processing technologies, but a thorough review of the supply chain to ensure that good postharvest handling and management is adopted to ensure optimum results.

However, there may be cases where clients need a more specialised or dedicated service. Post Harvest Solutions Ltd offers consultancy to both clients and non-clients of ZOEPAC technologies.

Please contact us for more details.